Auto Injury in Hayward CA

Auto Injury in Hayward CA

Automobile accidents in Hayward involve thousand of pounds of force that can stretch and twist the muscles, ligaments, and discs of your spine. Nerves sometimes are stretched and irritated. The result is whiplash. You may have pain, stiffness and spasm in the neck and back. Numbness, tingling and weakness can be felt in the arms and legs. Blurred vision, headaches and ringing in the ears are common. If not treated properly injured tissues may heal poorly with complaints lasting for years.

After an accident there are many questions that arise. One of the first concerns is obtaining prompt treatment for your injuries. In most cases we can arrange an appointment the day that you call.

An accident can be a frightening experience. Sometimes it feels as if your life is falling apart. Perhaps your car was destroyed and you are not able to work. Your pain and symptoms may not be improving. You may be irritable, angry and depressed. Dr. Berman understands what your are going through.

Our office strives to provide you holistic healing. We use proven chiropractic techniques that are gentle and effective.

Often people are worried about how to pay for the needed care. Some automobile insurances have a provision to pay for treatment related to automobile accidents whether you are the driver, passenger or pedestrian. It doesn't matter who is at fault. In other situations we will be happy to cooperate with your lawyer and wait until your claim is settled. We handle all the paper work.

Our office has over 30 years experience treating people like you who had auto accident injuries.

We work with your attorney by accepting a lien. This means that you do not pay for treatment until the lawyer settles the claim. If you do not have any attorney, an examination in our office could help you decide if you need one.

It is important to document your injuries as soon as possible after an accident. Call us for your examination.

Chiropractic in Hayward can be an important part of your recovery from auto accident injuries.

If you have symptoms such as headaches, neck pain, back pain, tingling, numbness, sciatica, and pinched nerves, chiropractic treatment can be helpful.

Chiropractic treatment is gentle, relaxing and soothing. Most people look forward to each visit.


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